About Us


Sachin Gupta

Sachin Gupta has cracked GATE exam two times AIR 1 GATE 2016 & AIR 9 GATE 2014. He has got selected for PSU(NTC) in 2015). He has got two time admission offer from IIT Mumbai IEOR Department & NITIE Mumbai PGDIE Department. He has rich industry experience also. In past he was associated with many premium companies like ARVIND Limited, MKU Limited, Vardhman Textiles Limited.


Krishna Mohan Gupta

Krishna Mohan Gupta is currently working with Amazon Canada.


Sudhir Shrivastava

Sudhir Shrivastava is an Electronics Engineer. He has worked as a content developer for Mindworkzz. He has also written one book for quatitative aptitude as co-author with Arun Sharma.